Escort job for girls in USA

Want to earn $2000 every day?

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Want to earn $2000 every day?

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Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day! Earn $2,000 every day!


Escort work for girls in USA is a quick way to make a lot of money and travel around America. Every girl can earn $2000 per day and all what you need for that is your will and time, we will help you with the rest things. With these earnings you can quickly save money for everything you dream about: buy a new car or your own apartment, help members of your family or start your own business. Working as an escort in USA, you can from your first work day earn a lot of money and experience all the pleasures that offers a wealthy and carefree life.


Meet with successful people and make money!

During our long time of successful work in escort service in USA, we have collected a large base of solid clients who want to have a good time in the company of beautiful girls. You will meet a lot of interesting and rich people among our clients and you might even fall in love with some of them or get married. It's absolutely safe to meet with this gentlemans becouse we verify their identity by their place of work, ask for references from other girls they have already met, check their social pages, and check them or they are at blacklist. Usually gentlemans book appointments in advance, so becouse of that we have enough time to screen and verify them. Photos with open face available for viewing to clients only after their verification to ensure that the work is not only profitable, but also anonymous. We will do everything to help you make a lot of money and feel comfortable and safe while working in the USA.

Want to earn 50,000$ per month and traveling in America?

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We are always there and ready to help you!

To start an escort job in USA, you will not have to worry about anything! You will always feel comfortable and safe. We will book you a right hotel suitable for meetings, help to buy tickets, advise on visa, erotic photo shoots,how to send your money home, we can help you to open a bank account, advise how to move from city to city during escort tour. Also, if necessary, we will pay for your flight and hotel at the beginning of the work so you can quickly start earning money. You can leave all the hassle to us and not worry about anything: just meet with clients and think where you will spend your money! We are very interested in long-term cooperation with you. We do not intend to waste your time. You will see the results - your earnings in the first days of our partnership.

Start earning money right now!
1. Fill in an application form.

Fill in an application form on our website and attach your photos.

2. We discuss details about work.

We will contact you and discuss all work details: about flight tickets,hotels,touring shedule,photoshoot, visa and when would be best time to start.


3. Arriving to USA

You fly to USA, to the city where your tour begins, from the airport you get to your hotel by taxi.

4. You arrive at your hotel.

After you arrive to your hotel room, you can take rest for a day after your flight. Next day we will tell you time of your first appointment.

5.You make money.

Client pays you in cash before your meeting starts. This is your earnings.

Earn good money in the USA is easy and easy!

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Requirements for girls

If you like traveling and want to earn big money, we need you!

We will be very happy to cooperate with pretty girls from 21 to 35 years old.

You don't need to look like model or be a porn star, clients have different tastes, and their requirements to girls parameters, height, hair collor are different.

You should be seriously interested in earning $20,000 - $50,000 per month.

Having previous experience in escort business is a huge advantage.

You must be open for conversation with your clients and be fun, then they will come back to you more often, leave you good reviews and you will earn more money.

You don't need to speak perfect in English, but a minimum knowledge of the language will be a huge advantage. You can improve your English while communicating with customers.

You must have erotic photo shoot: if you do not have one we can help you to make or suggest good photographers.

You need to have visa to America. If you do not have a visa, we will advise you how to get it.

If you will cooperate with us responsibly and listen to our recommendations during your escort work in USA, you will definitely earn very good money.

Why girls should work with us?

24-hour support and advice throughout the escort tour on any issue that concerns you.

You do not have to worry about anything to start working in escort in the USA. We will always help you to choose a suitable hotel or apartment for your stay. We will tell you how to most conveniently travel between cities during the tour. All you have to do is meet your clients and think about what to do with the money you earned!

We have been working in escort-industry for more than 10 years. We have a large base of proven and reliable clients. We know how to find and verify clients to make your meetings safe and maximally profitable for you.

All girls we work with earn from $1000 to $3000 per day. Use your escort earnings as an opportunity to fulfill all your dreams! Working in an escort agency in the USA, you will be able to earn a big income from the first day and live an independent and carefree life.

We guarantee you complete confidentiality. No one will ever know the source of your income.

Work in an escort service in the USA can be short term or long term depending on how much money you need. You have the opportunity to work as an escort without having to leave your studies or official job. The longer you work, the more money you can earn.

Want to know more about escort job in USA?

Fill form or contact us and we will tell you in detail how to start earning money today!

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Popular questions

Can I be sure that escort work in usa will be confidential?

We value our reputation very much. All information we receive is strictly confidential. Publicly visible will be only photoshoot with hidden face. Open face photos are available only to clients after verification. During the meeting girls use nicknames.

Do girls have days off during escort work?

Yes, you can take days off at any time. It is recommended that you let us know in advance about your days off so we do not have to cancel any bookings you have already received from clients.

In which cities do the girls work?

During an escort tour in the U.S. girls can work in over 35 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Hartford, Indianapolis, Kansas, Madison, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Portland, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Tampa, Washington. We actively adding and other cities. Work takes place on a system of city tours, so during your trip to the U.S., you can stay in many different cities.

How long girls can stay at escort work in USA?

Girls can come to work for any time, but not more than for 90 days. Most often girls come for at least 1 month. But if you can only go on tour to America for a short time, we would be happy to work with you as well.As longer you stay on tour as more money you make!

How should you dress when you meet clients in America?

During escort work girls dress as if they are going on a date. The better impressions you leave on your client, the more likely the client will come back to you and leave a good review. Good service is the way to big and stable earnings.

In which cities girls make the most money?

In each city we have a large base of verified clients for whom we send newsletters about your tour, we also do advertising on all possible websites and are always looking for new clients and ways to promote your tours. It happens that in one city a girl's doing better than in another, but it is difficult to say exactly since everyone is different. Before the tour schedule we are doing a mailing to existing customer bases and see what cities show most interest and asking about dates you will visit that city.

What should I do with cash I earned in USA during my escort tours?

We do not recommend that you keep all your earnings in cash with yourself because you will quickly accumulate a lot of money. Send your earnings to your family at home through Western Union, Money Gram or Ria or open a bank account in the U.S. and deposit your money there. We can tell you how to open a bank account. You can also send money from your U.S. account to an account in your home country. We will guide you how to do it.

Can I go to work in the USA together with other girl?

Yes, you can. You will stay in the same hotel in different rooms. In some cities you will need to work in different cities to avoid competition with each other.

Where to eat while working as an escort in the United States?

The hotels where you will stay are located in the central parts of major cities. Around the area you will always find many places to eat, cofee's and stores. You can also have food delivered to your room via grubhub or ubereats.

Will someone meet me when I arrive in the U.S.?

No, we do not meet girls. All you need to do is take a taxi outside the airport and drive in it to your hotel. We can pay for your ride with our card if needed.

Can girls go home at any time and stop their escort work?

It would be very good if the girls let us know in advance when they are going to leave.It is very difficult to cancel sheduled tour when the girls are already advertised in the cities and pre-bookings from clients are accepted. There are usually a lot of bad reviews after tours are canceled. It's the same as if a celebrity didn't show up for a concert and the tickets are already sold out. For this reason, you need to approach your tour planning with complete seriousnes and try to leave after the planned escort tour is over. Duration of the escort tour is up to girl's choice. Also it is much cheaper to fly home with a pre-purchased ticket, because if you buy it at the last moment, it will be very expensive. It is better to plan a trip for a shorter time than a longer trip and then cancel.

Are there days in America when there is no work for girls?

Usually when there are mass events or holidays like Christmass or easter there is less work on those days. There may be 1-3 free days a month when girls have no clients. Usually you will have 4-6 clients a day.

What items should you take with yourself to work as an escort in the USA?

Take only the most necessary things with you. Since you often have to move from city to city, it is better to have as little luggage as possible. Also there are almost no outcall visits to clients. The rest of everything you can find and buy in America.

How can I get a better price per hour?

In the beginning when girl has no reviews and nobody knows about her so then better to atract clients with better price per hour $400. Clients come because of reasonable price. They leave reviews. Once girl will have reviews it will immediately create some trust at eyes of other clients and atract other customers. Then you will have to raise the price because there will be too many clients. Over time, the girl gets regular customers and the work goes better and better. It is also desirable to make a good photo shoot. We will tell you everything step by step how to make your rates higher. Some girls working for $ 600 per hour in the second week.

What if I get sick in the U.S.?

Medicine in America is very expensive so necessarily if you come to America from other countries we reccomend you to buy travel medical insurance. It can be done online, very inexpensively and simply. The health care in America is very high level, one of the best in the world, but it is necessary to have insurance or the bill for services can be very high.

What kind of clients do the girls meet?

Typical client of escort girls in USA is an educated man between 21-50 years old. It is easy to earn money in the U.S. and it is much harder to find a girl to meet. So here is many rich and lonely people. You can meet all kinds of people from doctors, programmers, and lawyers to bankers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

When is better to contact to talk about job and start preparing for tour?

Better as early as possible to discuss all the details and prepare everything in advance. Need some time to get all your ads up and send newsletter to clients. You also need to give the clients time to see you. Also flights are much cheaper when you buy them in advance. As sooner girls start preparing for the trip to USA, the better results and higher earnings they will have. Write us as early as possible and plan your trip in advance. At least 1 week in advance.

Can't find answer?

Contact us any time and we will be very happy to answer to all your questions.

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2 months

I am working as an escort model in the US for 2 months now. Everything is fine. I am happy with my earnings. The only downside is that Im getting bored to live all time at hotels. Before I worked in Europe. Clients in the USA are less demanding and much easier than Europe.

1 year

I have made a lot of money during my tours to the U.S.. I bought several apartments. Now renting them. I have enough money from that activity but planning to go on tour again soon since I want to open up another business. I am happy with everything.

1 month

Thank you for opportunity to work in USA! I made good money during the tour. I invested almost all of it into my look. I made some plastic surgeries and changed my appearance. Then I found a rich husband during my escort tour. Now I don't need to go to tour becouse my husband now gives me money for everything.

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